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Isabelle Raikes

Sonal is 23 years old and attended the University of Surrey where she achieved a First-class bachelor’s in international business management. She is now part of Kubrick and below answers questions about the opportunities available.

Q. What attracted you to Kubrick rather than taking a traditional job?

A. The main attraction of Kubrick was the willingness of the company to train me without any experience. Typically, in interviews with blue-chip corporations, they claim to not require experience or a computer science degree, but these end up being the deciding factors when giving out jobs. 

The training programme really gives you the chance to build your confidence in a collaborative environment

I was part of the data product stream which I have to admit was intense, but enjoyable. In terms of training, what was great about it was you learned the fundamentals and then you had the opportunity to implement them. We learned everything from SQL, Python and Alteryx which allowed us to have a strong understanding in the latest technologies and programming software. The training programme really gives you the chance to build your confidence in a collaborative environment which sets you up well for a career in data and technology as they prioritise this.

Q. Can you delve into Kubrick’s client placements and how this is beneficial for your career and salary progression?

A. What is really great about Kubrick is they allow you to identify the clients you would like to work for. In my case, I got my dream client, so I am exactly where I wanted to be. Throughout the interview process I felt supported and had the confidence to interview at places I wouldn’t have even gotten a foot through the door.

With regards to job opportunities, Kubrick has set me up higher than other graduate schemes. What differentiates Kubrick is that you are paid throughout your training, but you also see salary increments in your first and second year. By doing this Kubrick shows they understand the value of one’s year-long experience and data knowledge.

Q. Kubrick prides itself on creating a positive and diverse work environment. What’s been your experience with Kubrick?

A. What’s refreshing to see is that Kubrick is giving minority groups within our society an opportunity for their voices to be heard and are tackling these issues at an early stage in the company’s lifecycle.  I really liked to listen to the Kubrick podcast called Diversifying Data. The podcast interviews consultants across the firm and it shines a spotlight on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics.

Kubrick is opening up the doors for big opportunities which were previously inaccessible

In terms of well-being, when we work on client sites, we have easy access to multiple members of the faculty and headquarters team which means you feel very cared for and empowered.

Q. Would you recommend Kubrick to other graduates?

A. Yes – for sure. I would definitely recommend Kubrick to other graduates. In fact, I’ve already referred two people so far. In my opinion, Kubrick is opening up the doors for big opportunities which were previously inaccessible to people without experience, or a degree related to data.  Kubrick takes you in as you are without any skills or experience and builds you up to become an expert.

Interested in becoming a Kubrick Consultant?

We encourage students from all degree backgrounds to apply. It doesn’t matter what you’ve studied, and we mean that. Everyone is different with their own unique skillsets.  We actively look for a range of qualities such as good analytical and communications skills, reviewing and digesting lots of information, working in a team, as well as coming up with creative ideas for problem solving. 

To find out more about Kubrick’s consultant programme or to apply visit https://www.kubrickgroup.com/uk/join-us/apply .

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Isabelle Raikes

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