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“She Was Wearing Her Heart On Her Sleeve”- Live Review: Sigrid @ Metronome

Gemma Cockrell

Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid performed not only one, but two shows, at Nottingham’s Metronome on 10th May 2022. Impact’s Gemma Cockrell was in attendance for the second show, and here are her thoughts.

Metronome’s doors opened at 7pm, but having read online that Sigrid would not be gracing the stage until 8:30pm, and that there was no support act, I arrived at the venue at 8pm.

She sounded just as flawless, if not slightly more so, than she did on her latest record

One slightly disappointing aspect of the show was that Sigrid only performed for a short 30 minutes, which is not too uncommon for a record-store tour, but the set went by very quickly, and I could have happily watched her for much longer.

However, it is impossible to criticise Sigrid’s performance itself. Her vocals were immaculate, shifting from a gentle, soothing tone to powerful, soaring notes, effortlessly. She sounded just as flawless, if not slightly more so, than she did on her latest record ‘How To Let Go’. The performance consisted entirely of songs from this album, a logical decision since the album was released less than a week ago, resulting in a cohesive and up-to-date setlist.

The only song from ‘How To Let Go’ that Sigrid did not perform that I was anticipating was Mirror, the lead single and most well-known song from the album. Perhaps this was because she didn’t feel it leant itself to the acoustic format as well as some of the album’s other tracks did, with it being one of the most upbeat and pop-leaning songs from the record.

She thrived equally in the cosy, intimate setting of Metronome

Speaking of the fact that the gig was acoustic, this style suited Sigrid very well, and you could tell that even though she is an artist who is capable of playing the biggest festival stages, she thrived equally in the cosy, intimate setting of Metronome. Sometimes, artists tend to struggle and lack on audience interaction in situations like this, but Sigrid did not suffer from this at all.

She seemed refreshingly human

Her humble, likeable personality shone through as she cracked jokes between each song, laughing at herself when she messed up the start of A Driver Saved My Night. She seemed refreshingly human, and it was somewhat surprising to see an artist of her stature achieve this. “Is this my comedy show?!” she laughed at one point, and the crowd’s rapturous applause suggested that if Sigrid ever actually did put on a comedy show, they would definitely be attending.

Throughout the album, Sigrid tells detailed stories of her experiences of heartbreak and the personal growth that resulted from this, and with the honest and authentic nature of her lyrics, you could feel that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve during her performance, baring her deepest emotions on the stage of Metronome for the whole crowd to witness.

Gemma Cockrell

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