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UoN Student Left Frustrated By ‘Quiet Halls’ Mix-up

India Marriott

Prospective students can opt for quiet halls when they apply for accommodation at the start of the year. However, Impact’s Campus News Editor India explores the downside of being accidentally placed in these quiet halls, interviewing a student who experienced this last academic year.

When first arriving at university, many people’s main concerns are the people they will be living with, and whether they will make friends. One way in which many Universities ensure that students make the most out of their time there is through offering options such as ‘Quiet Halls’.

They were beginning to feel isolated in their accommodation

It allows those who may want a calmer university experience to feel comfortable in their halls of residence, alongside finding friends that have similar tastes to them and avoiding the cliché of ‘horror’ housemates that regularly go viral online.

The University of Nottingham student (who wishes to remain anonymous) that I spoke with described their experience of not realising they had been placed in one of these quiet halls until ‘a few weeks into term’. By this point Fresher’s Week had come and gone, and they were beginning to feel isolated in their accommodation.

After filling out an enquiry form and receiving no response, they then went ahead to contact the Accommodation Service in the Portland Building, who then in turn sent them to their Halls Welcome Point.

Their only option was to move halls entirely

The student was informed by the University that their only option was to move halls entirely, something the student did not want to do, and so they sent an email to request compensation stating they “had no options for accommodation that I was happy with”.

“The response confirmed that the University website advised that students who do not apply for quiet living will not be assigned this, and acknowledged that being allocated quiet living was also not included in the offer I was given”.

However, compensation was not agreed upon due to “alternative resolutions being provided”, despite the student finding them unsatisfactory, and eventually they “decided to give up”.

India Marriott

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