The Style Evolution of Harry Styles

Evie Seal

In recent years, Harry Styles has become a fashion icon. Whether it’s a Gucci red leather matching two-piece or a JW Anderson striped jumpsuit, he can pull it off. Evie Seal discusses the popstar’s style evolution, from the One Direction days to Love on Tour.

Styles’ legacy began in 2013 when he was awarded a British Fashion Award for his personal style. Having just launched his singing career as a member of the boyband One Direction, Harry was still rocking a 2010’s pair of skinny jeans and headband.

2017 welcomed the iconic Gucci era that we still see Styles dressed in today. An iconic moment was when Harry became the first male in 127 years to be on the cover of US vogue. He provoked widespread controversy for his Gucci dress. Nonetheless, many praised his androgynous sense of style for challenging gender stereotypes within the fashion industry.

The Fine Line era, maybe his most iconic, was defined by satin shirts with suspenders and high-waisted trousers.

The first leg of Love on Tour showcased 42 different outfits of varying colours, prints and silhouettes.

A favourite of mine was Harry’s outfit on the first night at the forum in California. Styles wore an emerald green Gucci floral velvet jacquard vest pulled from Gucci’s Spring 2019 collection. It had floral detailing, lurex thread for sparkling accents, and was completed with tassels. The vest was paired with custom Gucci high-waisted trousers cut from the same velvet fabric, and white leather boots.

The European leg of the tour has featured the new Adidas x Gucci gazelle sneaker collection, Gucci ringer tees with wide leg trousers, dungarees, and jumpsuits.

Some of Harry’s own collection with Gucci have made appearances throughout the tour. Gucci HA HA HA “represents the landing place of an inventive journey between Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, and the British singer-songwriter and actor.” Having had such a close connection with the fashion house over the past couple of years, the collection has for some been a long time coming.

The album also saw a new direction in his fashion

Halfway through Love on Tour, the popstar released his third album, ‘Harry’s House’. In true Harry style, the album also saw a new direction in his fashion. The contrast between the flowing satin shirts of the Fine Line era to the tight Gucci ringer tees and jumpsuits perhaps gives us an insight into Styles’ mindset behind his albums.

‘Lights Up’ is a song which came from his second studio album as a solo artist. The singer told Rolling Stone that this song “came at the end of a long period of self-reflection”

Styles’ ability to convey a sense of emotion through both music and clothing is perhaps a large part of the reason he is so successful.

Another of my favourite outfits was Harry’s first night of the tour in Glasgow. Styles wore a custom matching Gucci yellow and blue set, accompanied with bedazzled features of strawberries and stars with silver discs. This was paired with shoes from the Gucci x Adidas velvet gazelle collection and a white tank.

The stark contrast colours of blue and yellow are not a colour combination we often see on Styles as he tends to wear mostly reds and pinks. The outfit set the tone for the rest of the tour which showed us we were welcoming in a new era for Harry’s House.

The Styles fandom is not one that likes to underdress

Styles has arguably the most committed fanbase who are willing to pull out all the stops for his shows and concerts with their outfits. From feather boas to cowboy hats and boots, the Styles fandom is not one that likes to underdress.

Attending the Manchester N1 concert, I had never been to a concert where people had made such an effort to conform to a theme. Colourful feathers lined the walkway up to the stadium for up to half a mile. People were wearing anything from sequin jumpsuits to personalised HS flares. It was clear that the influence of Harry’s fashion really brings together a sense of community.

Evie Seal

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