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“A Concert Full Of Energy”- Live Review: Sea Girls @ Rock City

Emily Campbell

After the release of their second studio album, ‘Homesick’, back in March, Indie Rock band Sea Girls kicked off their UK ‘Hometown’ tour with enthusiasm and energy at Nottingham’s Rock City. Impact’s Emily Campbell reviews.

From the start of the concert, you could tell that the band were grateful to get the chance to play at Nottingham’s most famous music venue. Henry, the lead vocalist and guitarist, pointed out to fans they had always wanted to play Rock City. This concert was definitely a bucket list completion for the band.


The concert began by throwing it back to their roots with their first release under Polydor back in 2019, Damage Done. The instrumentalists of the band, Rory, Andrew and Oli began on-stage, playing an extended opening melody of the song, and Henry joined them just in time for the opening line. This created an atmosphere of anticipation among fans, and gave the instrumentalists time to show off their skill.

Following shortly after Damage Done, Timeless was performed as a solo on the electric guitar by Henry, which gave him the chance to spotlight his instrumental talent as well as his vocals. This was a good feature in the concert, because often lead vocalists in bands who also play an instrument are only acknowledged for their vocals, when they also have superb instrumental talent.

A highlight for many fans was the performance of the tour’s title song, Hometown

A highlight for many fans was the performance of the tour’s title song, Hometown. The song tells the nostalgic story of being a spontaneous teenager growing up alongside your friends. The song was relatable for the crowd, which had a high student majority, and this was proven by the amount of people singing along to the catchy lyrics.

Their recent music delves into deeper issues than their earlier singles; this is demonstrated in Lonely and Sick. They explore regret and reminiscence in a poignant and relevant way. Growing up brings decisions and challenges, and both songs explore feelings of confusion and uncertainty that can come with those. Sick highlighted the talent of the bassist and guitarist Andrew and Rory, who played some impressive bass lines and riffs.

The crowd went wild

Sea Girls ended their set with an encore made up of a collection of their most popular songs: Daisy Daisy, All I Want To Hear You Say and Call Me Out. As expected, the crowd went wild encouraged by the band telling everyone to jump. They saved their two most streamed songs until last, which ensured the concert ended on high.

Overall, the band played a brilliant concert. The buzzing atmosphere was aided by the committed fans who couldn’t get enough of the band’s music, evidenced by their screams for ‘one last song!after Paracetamol Blues. Despite it being a dreary, rainy Thursday evening, crowd members definitely left Rock City with at least a slight spring in their step, after a concert full of energy from the talented Sea Girls.

Emily Campbell

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In-article images courtesy of Emily Campbell. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to these images.

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