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Controversy over Matt Hancock’s appearance on ‘I’m A Celeb’

Maya Moretta

Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, has left Westminster for a television stunt. Mr Hancock is appearing on this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’. Maya Moretta reports.

The West Suffolk MP has received backlash over his decision to join reality TV and has been suspended as a Conservative MP, though he will continue to be paid as an independent MP. Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have insisted that Mr Hancock should quit. Daisy Cooper (the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats) emphasised that “in any normal workplace he’d be sacked.” 

Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman has stated that “the PM believes that at challenging times for the country, MPs should be working hard for their constituents” and expressed that it is “unlikely” that our new Prime Minister will be watching the show. 

Mr Hancock has disapproved criticisms and has branded it “patronizing”

Mr Hancock has disapproved criticisms and has branded it “patronizing” that some have called reality TV “beneath a politician.” He has stressed the importance of seizing the opportunity to get the Conservative “message heard by younger generations.” 

On Twitter, ‘Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK’, have condemned Matt Hancock being labeled as a celebrity. Reminding their followers that he was the health secretary that “oversaw the UK having one of the highest death rolls in the world from Covid-19”. They call for ITV to “do the decent thing” and stop him from “trying to cash in on his terrible legacy.”

A second-year biology student stressed that “a lot of politicians get away with being a joke, which is very much not what they’re being paid to do.”

Kezia Dugdale, formerly a member of the Scottish parliament who also appeared on the show, has suggested that Mr Hancock talking about his own experience with dyslexia, could provide empowerment for viewers. Ms Dugdale, has stated that she had herself participated on the show for the money but to also show that MPs have a “human side”.

Mr Hancock is allegedly being paid £400,000 to appear on the show and he has insisted that he will make a large donation to charity.

Maya Moretta

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