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Alyana Fatima

Every season has a distinctive fashion aesthetic associated with it. This may be due to the weather and temperature that comes along with the season or just the vibes and aesthetic associated with it. Alyana Fatima tells us about the wardrobe must-haves that we need this season…

When it’s winter and the temperature drops to its coldest, we get our staple puffer jackets and trench coats out the closet. When the weather starts to warm up and the flowers and trees start blooming again in spring, it’s floral patterns and pinks and greens. Then when we get to the hottest point of the year in the summer and we stick to shorts and mini skirts to beat the heat; whereas autumn is that comforting middle ground between warm and cold, and although we may need to start layering lightly, it’s still warm enough for us to keep some of our spring and summer pieces as wardrobe options. Autumn is all about layering with versatile wardrobe staples that will last you for ages, here is my take on the pieces you need for this season:


Turtlenecks are something we were forced to put on as children but have now grown to love.  A turtleneck is a timeless basic top that can be worn from autumn to the colder winter months. This timeless piece is a wardrobe staple that can be paired and layered with anything. They keep your neck warm and can also be worn without a jacket. They are versatile and can be dressed up for formal occasions by layering with a blazer or dressed down casually with a pair of jeans. 

Leather jackets

Leather jackets look just as fashionable as trench coats and due to the lighter material are perfect for the warmer fall months. This edgy fashion piece can add a little oomph to any regular outfit, whether it’s a brown jacket or a black one. Just like turtlenecks, these pieces are timeless as well. They look stunning with a mini dress during evenings out when it gets chillier. You can get these oversized or cropped, all up to your own personal style. 


Another light layering piece, cardigans are soft and comfortable and perfect for casual outfits. Not only can you get these in plain colours, but you can find cardigans patterned with hearts, clouds or flowers to add colour and personality to a pair of jeans and a basic top.


While silk scarves were worn as tops, bandanas and around the neck for the summer due to their light material, a transition to thicker scarfs would be perfect for the fall. They are perfect to wear with tops that don’t keep your neck warm. A patterned scarf can add to a basic outfit and a plain coloured scarf to a more colourful outfit. Scarfs can be worn multiple different ways so they can last you for the whole season. 

A White button down

A basic white button-down top is a timeless staple piece that should be in anyone’s closet. They can be dressed up formally, worn by themselves, used for layering or tied around your waist; whatever it is, it is an incredibly versatile piece that can be used to layer with for the fall and can be worn with any formal pants or casual jeans.

As tempting as it is to stock up on clothes and buy into trends, we must always remember to be mindful with our consumption.

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses

For some like me, it’s hard to let go of the summer dresses and skirts. Longer versions of these pieces are perfect for autumn as they keep your legs warm and you can stay within your own personal style range even in the colder months. If you feel cold while wearing a dress, you can put on a jumper giving your outfit a ‘skirt/jumper’ look.


Jumpers are also staple closet pieces. They can be worn with any outfit and look good – be it dresses, jeans, pants or skirts! You can wear them on top of your shirts without ruining the aesthetic of your outfit. They can be bought in different colours and patterns and last you for years.


More of a recent trend but are nonetheless great for autumn. Sweater vests are perfect for the days where it’s a bit chilly but not warm enough to wear a jacket. They can be worn on button-up shirts and basic tops or even by itself. 

Black loafers

When it’s not quite cold enough to wear boots but it’s not warm enough to wear sandals, black loafers are a classic piece to have on hand and can go with anything. They pair well with white frilly socks and can be a cute addition to your outfit!

Long sleeved tops

This may seem like an obvious and basic piece that everyone has but it’s actually quite easy to forget the simple long-sleeved tee. In spring or summer, it’s too warm to wear one and in winter, we layer a lot so the long-sleeved tee doesn’t really have its moment to shine. But in Autumn, it’s not always cold enough to layer a long-sleeved tee with a jacket, thus finally giving this piece its moment to shine on its own.

As tempting as it is to stock up on clothes and buy into trends, we must always remember to be mindful with our consumption. This is why the majority of the pieces I’ve recommended are timeless pieces that will last you for years rather than a trend you may look back on in a year and cringe at. Many of these pieces are easy to find at charity stores as well – thus before making a big purchase, ask yourself if you’ll wear this piece in a few years and remind yourself to check out some charity shops before looking for some newer pieces!

Alyana Fatima

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