Disenchanted: The Enchanted Sequel Hits Disney+

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Izzy Moore

15 years after the original hit theatres, Disenchanted arrives on Disney+. Without giving away too much of the plot for those who have yet to enjoy the second instalment, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey decide to leave Manhattan and head for a life in the suburbs of Monroeville. Filled with the music and dancing, much like the first film, Disenchanted follows the troubles created when the modern world and the magic of Andalasia become intertwined. Izzy Moore discusses how releasing this movie straight on Disney+ invites a whole new audience to the Enchanted universe.

The question as to how good it is to revive movies after a long time remains unresolved. Well, in its favour, besides the obvious money-making potential, it inspires an entirely new generation of audiences. 45% of the Disney+ audience are aged 18 or under, leaving this film in prime position to become a hit with younger audiences. The first Enchanted film made $340.5 million in the box office; with this legacy of cult popularity, the second instalment should not disappoint.

Not only does it entice new audiences into the magic, but the sequel – set 10 years on – also invites the original audience back into the Enchanted world of the kingdom of Andalasia and New York. By inspiring a sense of nostalgia, sequels remind people of when they watched the first instalment. There is a sense of enjoyment and comfort in seeing what the characters are up to 10 or 15 years later. It’s as if the characters have grown up with the audience. Those who enjoyed Enchanted as children back in 2007 are now invited to revisit their childhood with the continuation of this modern Disney adventure.

Viewers who are already paying for a subscription can just press play whenever they choose

The way Disenchanted was released on Disney+ is also new to our generation. The first instalment was released theatrically, which shows the change to the now more accessible route of streaming movies and TV shows from the comfort of your own home.

When Disney+ launched in 2020 in the UK it was initially focused on streaming of classic Disney and Pixar films such as The Incredibles (2003) and Cinderella (1950). It has since expanded its branches with the launch of Disney Star and started creating original movies and shows. Streaming older shows such as The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy has been a resourceful way of not only keeping current young adult audiences engaged with the platform but also expanding Disney+’s target audience to include slightly older generations.

Our generation are probably less likely to head to the cinema to watch the second instalment of the modern Disney classic. Not only is watching it from Disney+ more accessible, but viewers who are already paying for a subscription can just press play whenever they choose! When Disney+ offers this opportunity to revisit your childhood just by your fingertips, the temptation is just too enticing to pass up.

Izzy Moore

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