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“A Night to Remember” – Live Review: Lewis Capaldi @ Motorpoint Arena

Hayley Lawson

On his ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ tour, Lewis Capaldi induced laughter and tears throughout his Nottingham show and produced a night to remember. Impact’s Hayley Lawson reviews.

As an artist known for his gut-wrenching songs about heartache, pain and love, Capaldi mesmerised the audience with his beautiful voice throughout the entire show. His dry wit only added to the uniqueness of the show; I have never found myself crying so vehemently one second and laughing so hard the next. The album is titled rightly as Capaldi’s enthralling voice created incomparable longing and pathos in the best way. As well as this, the structure of the show was perfect, making it feel like an out of body experience at times.

The show was opened with Forget Me, which was released last year and instantly became one of my favourite songs. This is a song that most people can resonate with, and so hearing it live instantly set up for an excellent evening. The entire audience sang along as he took to the stage, and the atmosphere just kept growing from there.

He played with passion and power, hypnotising the audience with his wonderful voice and lyrical gift

After Forget Me and Forever, Capaldi introduced the show with jokes and heartfelt thanks to the audience for coming, claiming “Nottingham, you and I are on a date tonight… and this is what I’m singing to you.” He then began singing Lost On You, surrounded by smoke and white lights, in an immaculate and heartfelt performance.

Later Capaldi broke the hearts of the audience with Before You Go. He dedicated this song to the late friend of an audience member. A black and white screen displaying a closer view of this performance accompanied him, and white lights flashed at the song’s most climactic moments, all of which added to the amazing atmosphere.

This experiece was impeccable and, yes, tears were shed

After performing Bruises on piano high above the stage and audience, Capaldi joked about being afraid of heights and apologised for the fact he would now sing a new song from the album (which will be released 19th May 2023), cracking yet another joke about this. He then delivered the stunning new track Wish You The Best – which he played with passion and power, hypnotising the audience with his wonderful voice and lyrical gift.

He then upped the beat ever so slightly to perform Grace, back on the normal stage at this point. The red lighting and confetti canon worked wonders with an excited audience. This enjoyment was heightened by his next song, Pointless, his latest number one single (and rightly so!). This experience was impeccable and, yes, tears were shed.

Lewis Capaldi just kept on giving

Lewis Capaldi went out with a bang in his encore. He incredibly performed Taylor Swift’s Love Story, which had the crowd singing along excitedly as per Capaldi’s request given that he “[doesn’t] actually know the words”. He closed the show with the well-known Someone You Loved, which he performed on a small stage coming into the audience with a prolonged ending to keep everyone thrilled.

At this gig, Lewis Capaldi just kept on giving. The entirety of the show was immaculate from the moment his support act Raye walked on stage until Capaldi’s final note. This was a night to remember.

Hayley Lawson

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