Manifesto Reviews: Activities Officer candidates

Amelia Brookes

A team of Impact’s contributors came together to review candidate manifestos. The team, consisting of Sophie Robinson, Kit Sinclair, Olivia Hughes, Laura Scaife, Hannah Walton-Hughes, Lottie Murray, and Olivia Conroy have summarised the main manifesto points and given their opinions on the overall manifesto. Voting closes on Friday 17th at 1pm.

Dan Haq:

Main manifesto points:

  1. Increase campus community
  2. Backing societies
  3. Reducing SU Bureaucracy

If elected Daniel Haq would aim to increase the campus community around the university by continuing Mooch live nights, facilitating the Downs for fairs and festivals, and making media societies such as Impact, URN and NSTV more prevalent throughout the university, with them being showcased extensively. He would also further integrate SB with the university community, supporting cross-campus events and lobbying for better transport links.

He would also back societies with better support from the SU – through concise documents and society-specific support. He would work with Portland Coffee and Mooch to aid societies in event running. He would also create networks between similar societies, making collaborations easier, plus create casual drop-in hours and reach out to societies for 1-on-1 support for more personalised communication.

What criteria would be used to decide what societies are similar to each other?

Daniel would also work on simplifying SU bureaucracy, for example changing the STARS form and its requirements to make it easier for students to apply for STARS. He would also create more concise forms for charity donations and EDI information on events- he would also work on improving the SU website, making easier for students and committee to use.

A point that I find to be especially interesting is the networks between similar societies – what criteria would be used to decide what societies are similar to each other? Would these networks put on events altogether as a collective? The personalised communication style seems intriguing too.

Overall, I think there’s real promise in this manifesto and Daniel clearly has experience that would come in handy for his prospective role as Activities Officer, such as his presidency of the Travel Society and being on the Activities Executive Committee. I think that the integration of the SB campus with the rest of the university community, the specific society support, and the goal to simplify SU documentation are all goals that would appeal to wider university committees.

Amelia Brookes

Featured image courtesy of Lottie Murray. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image. 

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