Manifesto Reviews: Sport Officer Candidates

Kit Sinclair

A team of Impact’s contributors came together to review candidate manifestos. The team, consisting of Sophie Robinson, Kit Sinclair, Olivia Hughes, Laura Scaife, Hannah Walton-Hughes, Lottie Murray, and Olivia Conroy have summarised the main manifesto points and given their opinions on the overall manifesto. Voting closes on Friday 17th at 1pm.

Sean Nolan:

Main manifesto points:

  • Inclusion- Sport for All
  • Welfare- Sport for the Mind
  • Charity- Sport for Good
  • Sustainability- Sport for the Future
  • Cost- Sport for Value

He firstly focuses on improving representation in UoN sport and beyond (such as pushing for better gender equality in BUCS). Pointing to the success of the 2022 Movember campaign, he pledges more visibility for sporting charitable events, as well as to continue a focus on welfare and mental health support, with the creation of Wellbeing Spaces in UoN Sport facilities and the use of training programs such as Student Minds’ ‘Look After Your Mate’. Additionally, Sean plans to push the university to become the greenest university for sport in the UK, whilst also improving students’ financial accessibility to UoN sport.

The creation of a Direct Debit option for UoN Sport Membership has the potential to be a coup for Sean

Overall, the theme of greater inclusion in sport – as he puts it, “Sport for All” – runs through the majority of his manifesto points. The creation of a Direct Debit option for UoN Sport Membership has the potential to be a coup for Sean, as, particularly in the current cost-of-living crisis, students are feeling the pinch of costly memberships.

Sean has experience and recognition on his side, having held the position of Sports Officer for the past year. His familiarity with the workings of the Students’ Union, as well as pre-existing working relationships with University officials, should stand him in good stead to implement his manifesto points. However, those same facts could also lead to a degree of complacency – many of his manifesto points emphasise his previous experience, but does that guarantee Sean will bring something new and innovative to the role?

Kit Sinclair

Featured image courtesy of Lottie Murray. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image. 

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