Results Night Breakdown: Part-Time Officer Winners

Lottie Murray 

With an astonishing total of 16,143 votes (184% increase from last year) and much anticipation, Impact’s Lottie Murray is bringing you the results for the 2023 SU officer elections. The overall voter turnout this year was 8.02% which was also an increase on 5.35% from last year. Here are the new part-time officers for the next academic year!

Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer:

Ella Benson Roberts is the winner and the new Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

Voting breakdown:

  • 63 total votes
  • RON: 13 votes
  • Threshold: 38 votes

Class Equity Students’ Officer:

Megan Isaac is the winner and the new Class Equity Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • 60 total votes
  • RON: 5 votes
  • Threshold: 32.5 votes

Disabled Students’ Officer:

Siana Brooker is the winner and the new Disabled Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • Siana Brooker: 108 total votes
  • Samuel Ferris: 31 votes
  • RON: 2 votes
  • Threshold: 70.50 votes

International Students’ Officer:

Nicola Wambui Maina is the winner and the new International Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • Nicola Wambui Maina: 51 total votes
  • RON: 7 votes
  • Threshold: 29 votes

LGBT+ Students’ Officer:

Nuriat Olayinka Oluwa is the winner and the new LGBT+ Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • Nuriat Olayinka Oluwa: 104 total votes
  • Alexis Quayle: 75 votes
  • RON: 11 votes
  • Threshold: 95 votes

Mature Students’ Officer:

Kimberley Brown is the winner and the new Mature Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • Kimberley Brown: 56 votes
  • RON: 3 votes
  • Threshold: 29.5 votes

Trans Students’ Officer:

Harry Forsyth is the winner and the new Trans Students’ Officer for 2023/24.

  • 81 total votes
  • RON: 3
  • Threshold: 43.5 votes

Lottie Murray

Featured image courtesy of Lottie Murray. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image. 

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