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Get To Know Your Liberation Officer Candidates

Hannah Walton-Hughes

Harry Chapman, Oli Harris, Katie Sullivan, and Hannah Walton-Hughes sat down with this year’s SU Election Full Time Officer Candidates to ask them some fun, get-to-know-you questions! Read on to discover the people behind the candidates…

Nuri Oluwa:

What is your dream job? 

My dream job would most likely be working with a community. I can’t say exactly what it is yet, but being able to work with communities that are underrepresented, being able to work in EDI as well is very important to me, because I’ve been doing it since Foundation year, I’ve been doing it since I was in secondary school, so just helping the community as best as I can is literally my dream job. I don’t have any motivation towards money, it’s just being surrounded by a community.

What is your favourite tipple? 

I love wine. I’m a wine girlie! I just started getting into red wine, I had orange wine recently for the first time.  

I’ve seen how she’s grown spiritually, and how she’s just very authentic to herself

What is your favourite spot in Nottingham? 

Actually, it is a place I found just recently- it’s called Cured. It’s by the train station, and you are able to look and see the canal as well, it’s literally so beautiful. It has the perfect view of the canal, and you get to see the swans too while you are studying or grabbing a drink, and the sunset on it is absolutely stunning. 

Who is your role model?  

My role model at the moment is Erykah Badu, because I am a very spiritual person, and I love her music, and I’ve seen how she’s also helped with the communities. I’ve seen how she’s grown spiritually, and how she’s just very authentic to herself, and a lot of times I even base how I dress off her. So she is forever going to be my number one role model. 

Hannah Walton-Hughes

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