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PRYZM Nottingham has officially closed its doors for good, blaming the cost of living crisis and minimum wage burden on students.

Rekom UK, which owns the PRYZM brand, has announced the closure of nightclubs across the country after falling into administration. Peter Marks, chairman of owners Rekom UK, said the company had been “unable to reach an agreement” with its landlord and cash-strapped students inability to afford night-outs, resulting in less revenue for venues.

The cost of living is singularly the biggest issue that we face

He told the BBC: “The cost of living is singularly the biggest issue that we face. A lot of students who used to be paying, say, £800 a month for their accommodation, have been facing [higher rents of] £1,200 a month… We’ve had businesses that used to make £500,000 the go on to lose £400,000. Just in the two-year period.”

This has resulted in the loss of 470 jobs and the closure of 6 PRZYM clubs in Birmingham, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Leeds, and Watford.

The loss of the iconic club has saddened students

Former manager, Mike Knight, who ran the club from 1965 to 2003, said: “It’s a sad day for Nottingham and many many people lived the fun part of their lives there. Nottingham is losing an icon – and an historic dance hall. A very sad day.”

The loss of the iconic club has saddened students at the University of Nottingham who many credited for its lively atmosphere and events.

Evelyn, a sociology student at the University of Nottingham, expressed her sadness about losing PRZYM as it was her go-to club for a good night out with friends.

Similar sentiments have been shared by DJ James Levett, who worked at PRZYM clubs in Nottingham and Birmingham, who added: “I’ve lost an extreme amount of work following the announcement. It’s hugely upsetting for myself and everyone who worked there.”

The future of the building has yet to be confirmed.

Blessing Nkama

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