Night of a Thousand Sequins

Diwali, also known as the festival of light, marks the Indian New Year. As such it is one of the largest out of the countless festivals in Hindu culture.  With the word ‘Deepawali’ literally meaning “A row or cluster of lights” or “rows of diyas (clay lamps)”, Diwali is characterised by its armies of lamps, fireworks and bonfires – illuminating the holiday. The lights symbolise the lifting of spiritual darkness and victory of righteousness. Lakshmi, the goddess to call on for wealth, happiness and prosperity is meant to be shown the way to the right doorstep via the diyas outside ones door.

With such a rich traditional background, it is no wonder that the Diwali Ball organised by a collaboration of the NHSF Nottingham’s Hindu society, Tamil Society and the Indian Dance Society shaped up to be one of this year’s most spectacular events. Greeted by Ganesha surrounded with incense, literally hundreds of lamps, a live Bollywood inspired show performed by the Indian Dance society and traditional food and music, you could almost smell the bazaar of Mysore and hear the hustle and bustle of old Delhi in the not too far distance. And that was even before the guests arrived. Beautiful saris in all colours, elegant Ghagra Cholis, guys showed up either wearing traditional Kurtas or suits – not one person looked under-dressed and the more embroidery and sequin the better. Impact scouted some of the best dressed at this years’ Diwali Ball.

Hinesh, Khyati, RadhikaHinesh, Khyati, Radhika 

Khyati, Nikita, Riya, Radhika, Sweta, Tanvi, Shivani, Prit, NikitaKhyati, Nikita, Riya, Radhika, Sweta, Tanvi, Shivani, Prit
Sweta, Radhika Sweta, RadhikaCheryl, Dushiei Cheryl, DushieiAshley, Tharmiga Ashley, TharmigaBairavi, Ria Bairavi, RiaHeather, Sophia, Neelam, Anastasia, Xing Yian, Jo, Jazmine, Anaita Heather, Sophia, Neelam, Anastasia, Xing Yian, Jo, Jazmine, AnaitaAshwini, Srishti, Shamima, Pryia, Nikhita, Shreyashi Ashwini, Srishti, Shamima, Pryia, Nikhita, ShreyashiRiya, Radhika Riya, RadhikaVasant, Rikesh Vasant, RikeshKhyati, Riya, Shivani
Khyati, Riya, Shivani

To read about the history and meaning of the sari go here.

Raphaela Ring

Images: Amy Rainbow, Isobel Sheene

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