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Trailer Watch: Jackie

Natalie Portman has always had a rather interesting career. Although reviews for her films have fluctuated between terrible  – like the Star Wars prequel trilogy – to brilliant, such as Leon: The Professional, the one constant throughout has been her obvious talent for acting. The Oscar she won for Black Swan, in which she played a ballerina in psychological turmoil, was thoroughly well deserved.

Thankfully, her new film Jackie, which depicts the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination through the eyes of his grieving widow and a supporting cast that includes Greta Gerwig and John Hurt to name a few, looks set to be one of Portman’s better ones – or even her best, if early buzz is to be believed.

However, if we forget the hype that’s been building around Pablo Larraín’s English-language debut since it previewed at Venice and Toronto, and focus on the trailer alone, there’s more than enough evidence to suggest that this could be one of the highlights of this awards season. Almost dialogue-free, this initial look brings attention to some beautiful cinematography, while also emphasising the highs and lows of the Kennedy administration. Using Richard Burton’s rendition of “Camelot”, from the 1960 musical that is so closely associated with the 35th President’s time in office, is an interesting choice, but it certainly pays off. As the strings crescendo into a cacophony of anguish and fear, we know this film is going to be painfully raw and exhilarating. I, for one, can’t wait to watch it.

Jackie is currently awaiting a UK release date, but will be arriving in US cinemas on 2nd December.

Sarah Quraishi

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