Top adventure beaches in the Med

When we think of summer vacations, most of us visualize endless coastlines and soft white sands, offering a wide range of facilities from bars and restaurants to water sports, making for a great way to relax. Yet stepping outside the mainstream beaches and exploring off the beaten track coastlines can offer something a little more memorable. Nottingham student Georgina Trimis describes seven sizzling adventure beaches where you can enjoy the last moments of summer.

Lalaria – Greece

Located in the North-East part of Skiathos, Lalaria is known for its imposing rock formations, white pebbles and deep, turquoise water. The rocks poking out of the water offer a great chance for snorkel lovers to take a peek at the underwater terrain, while it’s also popular for visitors to swim around the rock formations if the weather is not too windy. Even though Lalaria is only accessible by boat, trips are regular and reliable.


Asinara – Sardinia

For something more remote, Asinara island in Sardinia is a great option. Not yet spoilt by human chaos and having been established as a national park, Asinara is a paradise for visitors wishing to abstain from loud, busy beaches to witness unique wildlife, such as the endemic albino donkey. The beach allows visitors to swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy every shade of blue, whilst learning about the rich history of the place by visiting its famous prisons.

Playa de Gulpiyuri – Spain

A true wonder of nature, Playa de Gulpiyuri in Spain is an inland beach of about 40 meters in length. The salt water has carved its way inland and even creates small waves on the surface of the sinkhole, presenting the beach, which is adjacent to large rocks rather than the skyline, as quite magical. Just 100 metres from the sea, this inland pool of sea water rises and falls with the tide, appearing utterly unique.


Calanque d’en Vau – France

Close to the cosmopolitan and vibrant French Riviera lie the secluded beaches of en Vau. A hidden paradise of turquoise water sheltered by steep granite cliffs, this area is the perfect destination for travelers who wish to combine swimming with hiking. Unmarred and pure mainly because of the lack of bars, restaurants and water sports, this V-shaped inlet is the perfect reward after a boat trip or rigorous hike.


Mali Bok – Croatia

Mali Bok is a hidden gem in Croatia, on the island of Cres. Situated at the roots of a steep hill, visitors hike towards it. Eventually they reach a spectacular panoramic view, overlooking an inviting green-blue sea. Make sure not to forget your flippers and masks, since there’s an abundance of starfish and other submarine life to explore. Wildlife enthusiasts may also catch a glimpse of the rare and endangered Griffon vulture.

Akamas – Cyprus

The Akamas peninsula caters for those wanting more than just sea and sun, with biodiversity, culture and a beautiful beach making for the ultimate combination. The area boasts a great variety of geological features, from steep gorges to caves, small scattered islets and mesmerizing waters. Scuba diving and snorkeling are a must, whilst keen hikers can follow the Aphrodite trail, which leads to the cave where according to the legend, Aphrodite used to bathe.

Nazare – Portugal

A yet more alternative choice for adventurers is Nazare, a small fishing town in Portugal. Nazare has become famous since allegedly being where the largest wave was ever ridden.  If the adrenaline of swimming in the Atlantic isn’t enough, you can admire the monstrous waves formed off the coastline and let the spectacle of big wave surfers take your breath away. These huge waves are the result of a rare underwater geography, and are definitely a sight not to be missed.


Georgina Trimis 

Images courtesy of Phalinn OoiHarout Arabian,MANovilloMatthias Haas and Daniele Dalledonne via Flickr

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