Live Review: Tom Vek

Following a solid set from support act ‘Fun Adults,’ Tom Vek strides onstage to the repetitive chanting of ‘How Am I Meant To Know’. He sings along as the packed Bodega crowd watch in silence, out of respect or confusion it is not known, however when he charges into his first song and the drums kick in, the crowd erupts.

Tom Vek appears angular and stylish, his appearance, much like his music, is both understated and subtle, yet it is obvious thought has gone into putting both together. Touring to support his recently released album ‘Luck,’ which received mixed reviews, Vek plays a variety of hits from his previous albums interspersed with the occasional new album track.

The crowds anticipation and reception is reserved for those classic tracks with which he made his name, single releases such as ‘C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)’ and ‘A Chore’ receive the biggest ovations of the night, whilst newer tracks such as ‘The Girl You Wouldn’t Leave for Any Other Girl’ get a more mixed reception.

The most interesting element of Tom Vek’s live set is the amount of layered noise that his three piece band are able to create. As they swap between bass, guitar and synths throughout the set it is impressive that they almost manage to keep it going however, sound difficulties are inevitable when working with so much equipment in such a small area. Vek was clearly put off by this and his normally super cool persona evaporated into a tomato red embarrassment.

Bodega really began to heat up towards the last third of his set. With coats and jackets finally being removed by the audience and something resembling dancing taking place, Vek really came into his stride. Vek’s music is meant to be not just appreciated but also enjoyed, it is layered, it is experimental, however it is pop at its core.

Unfortunately, just as things really start going, and people start drinking and dancing, 10pm hits, and like Cinderella at the ball, Vek abruptly exits. The crowd actually waits around for five minutes expecting an encore, though muttered suggestions do not turn into any kind of chant, it is the kind of exit that leaves the crowd expecting.

Mark Garrity

Image by Clash

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