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Trailer Watch – Whiplash

Whiplash marks Damien Chazelle’s first foray into directing and is also based upon his own screenplay. It tells the story of Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller), a talented young drummer who joins a prestigious music college only to be taught by an incredibly fierce tutor (J. K. Simmons) who will let nothing compromise the sound.

The trailer is, quite frankly, astounding. Even from the short clips available, Simmons and Teller are obviously electrifying together. Violence, sweat and pain all feature as Simmons’ character terrorises the boy as he tries to meet the former’s artistic demands. The term ‘intense’ would not even do it a note of justice.

It looks to be an exhilarating examination not of street crime, not of war but of the hometown horrors faced by a young man aspiring to be the best. Teller especially looks to be very good, emerging from his shell of goofy supporting characters to play someone being pushed to their very limits for the sake of art.

Whiplash will slide into cinemas in the UK on 16th January 2015.

Tom Welshman

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