Autumn/Winter University Style – Day to Night in 5 items

Impact Style brings you 5 transitional items you need for this A/W season. In the world of fashion, leather is indestructible. It oozes power and sex appeal. For this very reason, I have decided to kick-off this 5 item list with the forever loyal, statement leather skirt.

1. Black leather skirt


Girls, girls, girls, in my humble opinion, the ‘perfect’ leather skirt should fall mid-thigh – anything shorter runs the risk of looking cheap… Having said that anything longer just looks a bit odd! Go for a straight and reasonably tight, fitted skirt. I absolutely love the high-waist style – way more versatility to experiment with a variety of tops – try a loose t-shirt tucked in or bare some flesh in a cute cropped top.

How to wear:

Day – I promise you, this skirt will be your best friend on a rainy day. Team with some black tights, an oversized t-shirt (left un-tucked), a chunky jumper, some tights and ankle boots. You can take this look as grungy or elegant as you wish with the addition of coats, jackets and accessories.

My favourite way to wear this item is tucked into a black t-shirt with a floor length camel coat, tights and black brogues.

Or for an instant boost of daytime sophistication (spontaneous date? You never know!) – tuck in your t-shirt, add a smart, fitted jacket or blazer and whack on a statement necklace. Easy peasy.


Night – As previously mentioned, the leather skirt alone is the epitome of sexy… With this in mind, I suggest tucking in a loose t-shirt for a cool, understated look. The baggier the neckline of t-shirt, the better – just let it hang off one shoulder.

You can keep this look to a minimum with some heeled boots, bare legs, a jacket/long coat, earrings and a clutch. For a more racy look, just add a cropped top! Even better with some big block heels.

Also, don’t be afraid to ‘double leather’. I’m convinced that a leather jacket and skirt is a winning combo. It’s so wrong that it’s right… Please give it a try, I dare you.


Where to find them – H&M, Urban Outfitters, ASOS.


2. Loose T-shirt


Just a t-shirt, I hear you say?! Well, ladies… let me introduce you to your second new best friend! This item will revolutionise your wardrobe. It really is a staple piece. With the ability to flatter every figure, this truly underrated item can save you from many day-to-day outfit dilemmas. It has saved me from so many ‘9am’ wardrobe panics. It is also my ‘go-to’ solution for the pre-drinks in 5 minutes and I have nothing to wear with this skirt meltdown. From now on, whether you’re off to Campus or a Club, getting ready will be a whole lot easier.

How to wear:

Day – I recommend wearing the tee tucked into some high-waisted black skinny jeans (ripped jeans work really well too), teaming the look with some converse or boots and a long coat. Here you have a really simple yet stylish look for campus. Even leaving the t-shirt ‘un-tucked’ looks cool.

For another daytime look, tuck the tee into some high-waisted shorts (eg. denim cut-offs), or a skater skirt – add some black tights, long coat and either trainers, brogues, pumps or ankle boots again. Effortless.


Night – Given the versatility of these t-shirts, you can simply tuck a top into high waisted black skinnies or even any style of mini skirt or shorts. This gives you a very chic base look with which you can personalise with accessories and jewellery. I’m a big fan of a minimalist look – for me, a chunky watch and a few rings can go a long way! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good mix of accessories too – I’m very fond of a big choker necklace, an arm cuff and a statement clutch to jazz up this simple outfit.


Where to find them –H&M do great and unbelievably affordable basic t-shirts. &OtherStories do incredibly soft and silky basic tees, albeit a little bit more expensive. Zara tees also come in such soft material and best of all, they don’t need to be ironed – perfect for us busy students. Stick to white, black and greys!


3. Jeans


I hold my hands up and admit that I honestly don’t know what I would do without my trusty high-waisted jeans. They are probably the most worn and most beloved item of clothing I own. Sad but true… I believe they create a brilliantly feminine silhouette on all body shapes and show that we have a waist and hips. At the same time, they have the rare ability to be dressed up and dressed down for any occasion. If you don’t already own a pair of these, I suggest you hurry down to your nearest Primark, Topshop or Urban Outfitters and try on a pair. The outfit opportunities are endless! They go with absolutely ANYTHING.

How to wear:

Day – A comfortable, easy and stylish campus outfit should ALWAYS revolve around a pair of high-waisted black jeans. Tuck in a baggy top, layer up with a coat, put on some converse and you are good to go. So easy to put together, and it really does look pretty chic too. As you’ve probably already guessed, I love the black-on-black-on-black look. I don’t think you can go wrong with an all-black outfit. Why not team your black jeans with a black top and coat! Very Parisian!

Another great way to style your jeans is by adding a lumberjack-style shirt. You can either leave it un-buttoned to reveal a vest top underneath, or button it all the way up for some ‘edge’. Also, ripped jeans are the best thing ever – they add a bit of grunge to an otherwise stylish outfit. For an even cooler look, stick on a leather bomber jacket and/or biker boots.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this item is a staple! You can wear high-waisted jeans day-in day-out and still create totally different looks. By simply mixing up the combination of scarves, belts, shoes and jackets, you can radically transform the effect of the jeans. There shouldn’t be any more fear of outfit repeating, girls! Save your money by just mixing up your existing tops and accessories!

One handy tip is to turn up the bottom of the jeans. Roll them up to just above the ankles – this creates a radically new look and works really well with pumps and brogues for a chic look.

Night – Transforming these jeans from day to night has never been easier. Whack on a sheer blouse or shirt – tucked in or tucked out. Add a statement necklace or belt – one or the other is my policy! Some heels, a chic long coat or trench and a clutch bag will complete your ensemble.

For a more racy evening option, perhaps for a bar or club, I suggest simply popping on a cropped top and jeans. Accessorize well! If flashing the flesh is not your cup of tea, then another equally racy but sophisticated look for clubs is to team the black jeans with your loosest black t-shirt – ideally one that hangs the most off one shoulder. With a top tucked in, this ensemble works a treat. Pair with chunky ankle boots and a leather jacket. Push up the sleeves for a laid back ‘grungier’ vibe.


Where to find them – Topshop has a fantastic array of colours and fits – try the Jamie or Leigh styles. Primark is hands down the best value for money – definitely give their jeans a try.


4. Ankle Boots


I absolutely love that it’s become acceptable to wear mid-heeled ankle boots to lectures now. Gone are the days of putting aside our heeled boots for special occasions and evening events! The beauty of ankle boots is similar to that of high-waisted jeans – they go with pretty much everything – jeans, leather leggings, body-cons, maxi skirts, mini skirts, shorts…you name it, we’ll wear it with ankle boots! I can’t stress enough the importance of ankle boots! Get them in your life, ladies!

Where to find them – Primark do a fantastic copy of the classic Vagabond boots – and you guessed it – for a fraction of the price. But if you want to splurge, have a look in Kurt Geiger, Topshop and &Otherstories.


5. Over-sized long coat


Last but certainly not least is the statement long coat. It is a timeless wardrobe item that can be taken from day to night. By throwing on this signature coat, you can take your outfit from ordinary to super stylish in one simple move. This coat is an essential Autumn/Winter item. The fantastic thing is that in terms of clothes, you can pull off pretty much anything underneath this fab coat – dresses, jeans, shorts, baggy jumpers, leggings and even gym wear!


When it comes to choosing a colour, I would recommend sticking to black, camel, grey or khaki. I’m a huge fan of the coat in a camel colour – it goes exceptionally well with black clothes (my favourite!) and really stands out in a crowd. However, I’m more inclined to favour a black long coat – of course it’ll go with anything and even better – you will immediately look ultra stylish and chic.

How to wear:

Day – Combine 4 of the 5 elements in this list for a fab campus look – alternate the skirt and jean combinations to create 2 very different looks. I absolutely adore the look of this coat teamed with a black turtle-neck top with either the high-waisted jeans or leather skirt. It really is true that you can wear whatever you like with this coat and still turn heads on campus. Instant chic.


Night – Whether you wish to dress up a casual outfit or tone down a smart one, I reckon this coat will be able to do the trick. I’ll leave the outfit options up to you – but all I can say is that this coat will inject chic style into the most ordinary of outfits.


Where to find them – Dependant on your budget, you have a wide variety of shops to choose from. For a bargain, look in Select for a classic long black coat. Boohoo and Missguided also have a fantastic selection. For something a little pricier, start with ASOS and Topshop and work your way up to the likes of French Connection and &OtherStories.


Lucy Scurrah 

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