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Trailer Watch – The Interview

The Interview is the second comedy in the directorial partnership of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, longtime friends and writing partners known for their collaborations on SuperbadThis Is the End, and most recently, Bad Neighbours.

James Franco plays TV host Dave Skylark alongside Rogen as his producer, Aaron Rapoport, who is informed that a huge fan of their talk show happens to be none other than Kim Jong-Un. Randall Park plays North Korea’s supreme leader and invites the pair to an interview. Before they set off, Dave and Aaron are approached by the CIA and instructed to ‘take out’ their international admirer. With that, we have ourselves an action-comedy.

This final trailer for The Interview before its initial US release next month on December 25th, shows Dave and Kim hitting it off pretty well. Their shared love of tanks, puppies and Katy Perry gives rise to doubt the makeshift pair of assassins in Dave and Aaron.

Even though the film has already sparked controversy, being denounced by North Korean representatives, there have also been reports that Kim Jong-Un will probably watch the film upon release. I wonder what he will make of his Christmas gift from Rogen and co.

The Interview will be released on February 6th 2015 in the UK.

Liam Tappin

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