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Anti-Advent Calendar #5

Christmas. It’s a bit… haunting right? We’re barely settling into December and yet we’ve already been bombarded with weeks of overplayed songs that have lost all meaning, adverts about sodding penguins and lists. Lists and lists and lists. So here at Impact Film & TV, we’re continuing with our own list. Our day five arrival ought to get you in the spirit, of some kind…

Pack your bags Mr. Grinch. You’re no longer the scariest kid in town. This holiday season, welcome back the undisputed king of horror, The Shining. That’s right folks, grab your bags and head up to Room 237, we’re about to revisit a spine-chilling 1980’s classic.

When former teacher and recovering alcoholic Jack Torrence agrees to become the Overlook Hotel’s new caretaker, he and his family underestimate a seemingly harmless occupation. Isolated by impassable snow and no contact with the outside world, the Torrences are trapped only in the company of one another. But they’re not the only residents currently checked in at Overlook, and these guys don’t take kindly to strangers…

As we move deeper into the hotel, we also move deeper into the recesses of Jack’s mind. Throw in some supernatural forces, and the lines between illusion and reality start to become thinner than those measly slices of Christmas turkey. Given the clichés and jump scares which pass in the modern horror genre, Stanley Kubrick’s slow-burning, psychological thriller reeks of a refreshing reminiscence when revisited. Frequently haunting and at times, genuinely disturbing, The Shining is a dish best served cold, so make sure to serve it up this Christmas.

Joe Jones

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