Christmas Wish List #1

Despite the deadlines and dreariness of December, we know we’ve all been procrastinating and trawling the internet for items to add to our ever-expanding Christmas wish list. Every week this month Impact Style‘s contributors will share their’s with you: get ready to be inspired. 

1) Sam Edelman Zavier Heels, £148.99


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving a pair of classic Aquazzura Belgravia pumps, as spotted on Olivia Palermo (in multiple colours!) and Kate Bosworth for months now. I just think they’re the perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated, great if you’re dressing to impress for drinks or a meal out but perfect for spicing up jeans or a double-denim combo, too. They’re sold out practically everywhere, though (with the £495 price tag obviously being no issue…!), so I was very excited to spot Sam Edelman’s tribute to this Florentine favourite! These are the most impressive lookalikes I’ve tracked down so far, virtually identical to the real deal, but if, like me, you’re thinking the Zaviers may be too ambitious a request this Christmas, try Kurt Geiger’s Guard heels or ASOS’s Heartbreak Hotel sandals (both with cool open toes to show off your pedi) for more of a bargain buy.

2) Charlotte Tilbury Signature Makeup Bag in Rose Gold & Night Crimson, £25.00


A makeup bag is one of those everyday essentials we all need to get through another 9-5 on campus (post-Crisis… ‘nuff said), but since it’s always going to be one of those background buys that stays mainly in your bag rather than making or breaking an outfit, it’s not a staple lots of ladies like to splash out on. That’s exactly why I think this limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury bag would be such a lovely pressie to get this Christmas. The gorgeous rose gold adds the perfect touch of luxe en-route to lectures, featuring the fabulous lip prints of some of the most iconic women in fashion (who exactly we’ll never know!) With its wipe-clean finish and £25 price tag (just £15 for the pink and white version), it’ll last you all year long and won’t break the bank… the perfect piece to pick up for a sister or close friend.

3) Topshop Rolling Stone Sweater, £42.00


With this ever-nippier Notts weather, we all need lots and lots of snuggly sweaters this Christmas, and this one from Topshop is at the top of my list. Versatile enough in black (what else!) to chuck on with virtually any clothing combination in time to leg it to uni, the rock-and-roll logo adds just enough fun to set it apart from the crowd. I’m also loving the ultra-flattering, bum-covering length; definitely the best way forward post-Christmas feast!

4) Sex And The City: The Essential Collection, £20.00


Once exams are over we’ll all have lots of time to ditch the January chills and bundle up in bed with a good old boxset (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…) and when that moment comes, I’d love to get cracking on this Sex and the City collection from Amazon! The series is such a style classic but also a crowd pleaser; I can’t think of many girls who wouldn’t have fun with this, and at just £20 for all six seasons, it would be rude not to really…

 5) Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in ‘The Rebel’, £38.00


In a recent hit of The Devil Wears Prada-induced procrastination, I watched this classic for what must be the 1000th time, and got thinking, ‘How fabulous is Emily’s eye makeup’! She always manages to rock bold brights, perfectly pared down for an everyday context with a neutral lip and sleek black ensemble. One of her loveliest looks was an incredible emerald eyeshadow that set off her hair spectacularly; ever the shameless wannabe, I’m craving Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Rebel’ palette to try and recreate this at home!

And if Santa’s really in a spoiling mood…

6) Balenciaga Classic City in Black, £1,085.00


Sadly, I am not expecting for a minute to find this under my tree, but a girl can dream, and if there’s anything I’d love to get for Christmas it’s a Classic City bag from Balenciaga. I am a big one for beautiful bags but this is my firm fave for so many reasons. It’s instantly recognisable to a true fashion fan, yet just uncommon enough that you wouldn’t be faced with a crowd of fakes every time you hopped on the Tube; it’s just slouchy enough to style up a casual ensemble, but with the style credentials to go smart, too. I’d love it forever and really hope someone will treat me one day- even if I have to win the Lottery first!

Jenny Skipper

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