Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 3

With voting for this year’s Student Leader Elections opening tomorrow, campaigning has slowly begun to spread across campus and many candidates have started to mobilise their teams.

Sports Officer candidate, James Bramley, spoke to Impact alongside his campaign team in Portland Building.: “Today is the first day for us. We started outside West Entrance and have now covered Portland and Hallward. A lot of students are interacting with us and asking questions, so we are trying to make our campaign as interactive as possible”.


Elliott Denham, running for Postgraduate Officer, released his campaign video today and told students that he ‘can’t wait to see everyone [at Crisis tonight]’, following the arrival of his yellow campaign t-shirts.

Today also saw the launch of NSTV’s dedicated Student Leader Elections show, The Fix, in which candidates are interviewed and questioned about their manifestos. In the first episode, NSTV caught up with Activities Officer candidates, Harry Turnbull and Andrew Jenkins. as well as Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer candidates, Rob Clewlow and Alison Ratcliffe.

Jacob Bentley

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  • Graduate
    5 March 2015 at 08:30
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    I used to be one of these people running in every SU election. I was your typical SU obsessive. I spent hours putting on balls, counting election votes and fighting Portland bureaucracy. I once spent a whole weekend plastering every campus with my NUS delegate election posters. I came in third last.

    I don’t wish to denigrate the efforts of those involved in the Portland bubble but it is a short-term impact by people in short term positions who the student population will have forgotten about in a couple of years.

    Graduating gave me a bit of perspective. I could have better spent my time gaining CV enhancing internships rather than sitting in hours of pointless Election Committee meetings. My JCR was useful in terms of personal development but I could have equally gained these skills in the ‘real world’.

    By all means have fun but these elections are not worth risking the 2.1 degree classification for.

  • Anonymous
    5 March 2015 at 15:02
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    Where is the male body confidence week?

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