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Trailer Watch – Hotel Transylvania 2

Sony’s release of the teaser trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2 makes a promise that the full film will be just as funny as the first released in 2012. The whimsical and intriguing music in this two-minute promo, along with the brilliant animation, is convincing enough to have high expectations for what may be a great sequel to a story of Count Dracula.

Confirmed for the film is the long list of Hotel Transylvania stars that made the first movie so special, with Adam Sandler as Drac himself, and Kevin James as Frankenstein. Some of the story is revealed too; Mavis, Dracula’s daughter (Selena Gomez) and the human Jonathan (Andy Samberg) have had a baby, but Drac is concerned the adorable fellow is showing no signs of becoming a vampire due to his humanness. The family funny is still there, as the teaser shows Drac being as reckless as ever, throwing his grandson off a tower to see if he will fly. Meanwhile, it has been revealed elsewhere that Drac’s father Vlad (Mel Brooks) pays a visit to the titular hotel, causing a kerfuffle of familial proportions.

The Drac Pack will be back in UK cinemas on October 9th later this year.

Eleanor Missen

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