Alistair Boulter has been announced as the new LGBT Officer.

In total, 1,089 people voted for this position. After two rounds of voting, Alistair Boulter received 487 votes beating Toby Lauder at 373. RON and Left Shark were knocked out after the first round.

Alistair told Impact that he was feeling “absolutely overwhelmed and very pleased”. He found campaigning “stressful” but the “amount of positive feedback was incredible”.

One of Alistair’s main policies is to develop ‘the LGBT network as a community, particularly between campuses’ and to improve upon the ‘transparency and approachability of the network committee’. His manifesto also says he wishes to target ‘welfare in general’.

Alistair would like to thank those who voted for him, telling Impact: “I hope I can do them proud”.

Round 1:

Toby Lauder: 344
Left Shark: 235
Alistair Boulter: 439
RON: 71

Round 2:

Toby Lauder: 373
Alistair Boulter: 487

Image credit: University of Nottingham Students’ Union

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