Dan Rattigan has been announced as the new Education Officer.

8554 total people voted for this position. After five rounds of voting, Dan received 3594 votes, beating Serena Kohar with 1798 votes.

Dan said, “I’m so shocked because I didn’t expect it at all, as there were so many strong candidates.”

Dan’s manifesto points were: more transparency through a module review system and a standardised feedback system; better resources such as more charging facilities and greater support – more academic provisions for athletic students and more support for joint honours students.

Speaking to Impact, the current Education Officer, Adam BK, said, “He ran a really visible campaign and he’ll do an excellent job. He speaks to students in a way that I never could, he really relates to them.”

Dan also said, “Campaigning was so long, tiring and stressful but worth it. I want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me.”

Round 1:

Yasmin Talsi- 1291
Serena Kohar- 1350
Robert Murdock- 390
Matthew Woodward- 667
Dan Rattigan- 2980
Dan O’Connor- 1379
A- 124
RON- 208

Round 2:

YT- 1300
SK- 1359
RM- 400
DO- 1395
DR- 2985

Round 3:

YT- 1382
SK- 1444
DR- 3105
DO- 1501

Round 4:

SK- 1641
DR- 3216
DO- 1600

Round 5:

DR- 3594

Image: University of Nottingham Students’ Union

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    Really? I bet he is karni. Another year where f all will be done. Go SU…

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