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Trailer Watch – Boulevard

It is an easy thing to think fondly of someone who has passed. Trying to celebrate all that was good in their life as should be done. But of the 103 acting credits listed on Robin William’s IMDB page, Boulevard will be the most difficult to watch simply for the fact that it is the 103rd.

Academy Award winning actor Robin Williams returns to a dramatic role for one final time. Williams plays a devout husband struggling with what appears to be a homosexual affair. Although trailing off towards the end, this trailer does an excellent job of demonstrating a conflicted man struggling to do the best for those around him despite his own personal turmoil.

In this 1 minute 40 second clip, we get a real sense of those layers, and so it is no surprise that an actor of William’s calibre seems perfect for this role.

Do not miss this final live action performance of Robin Williams, Boulevard will be released in the US 10th July 2015 and digital download soon

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