Nottingham’s Best Shopping Route

The experienced shopper knows that a well or ill planned route can make or break a successful shopping trip. To give you an idea what Nottingham has to offer – and believe us it is a lot more than you might think – we put together this handy little route. From the basics over vintage to some more eclectic stores this covers them all, so ready set shop.

Begin your tour by taking the bus to VICTORIA CENTRE where you will find TOPSHOP, URBAN OUTFITTERS, RIVER ISLAND and other classic shopping destination. Don’t forget to look by KIKO – the highstreet make up brand from Milan which will be your No 1 provider for affordable but good quality make up. Make sure to head up to the FIRST FLOOR MARKET where you can find anything and everything from the most fabulous fabrics to temporary tattoos.

Leave Victoria Centre and head up Upper Parliament Street – stay on the left hand side so you pass the small but surprisingly good NOTTINGHAMSHIRE HOSPICE CHARITY SHOP . At Market Street turn left and go down towards Market Square. Rummage through BAKLASH’S stock of second hand and vintage clothing – be sure to head downstairs too where the reduced items live. For music lovers it is worth staying on Upper Parliament and turn left at Hurt’s Yard where you will find ROB’S RECORDS – a record collector’s heaven filled to the ceiling with everything your musical heart might desire. Adjacent to it, you will find THE COFFEE HOUSE OF NOTTINGHAM – what is for coffee lovers what Rob’s is for record lovers. Here you can get overwhelmed by the selection of coffees from around the world – including Blue Jamaican, – and tank energy for the rest of the route.

From there walk down towards Angel Road and wander towards Market Square. Take a little detour down St James Street to have a peek into NONSTOP SPORT STORE for urbanwear brands like Toy Machine, Krew and Asphalt Yacht Club. And yes, there is another Charity Shop from the SALVATION ARMY  across the road.

Back on market square you can grab a coffee to go from the mainstream coffee shop of your choice or sit down at 200° Coffee Shop. Depending on your shopping needs either head up Long Row passing PRIMARK, DR. MARTENS, WAREHOUSE or go up Victoria Street past M.A.C. and the FLYING HORSE WALK. Either way you will end up in front of what might be the most beautiful ZARA you have ever seen. From here, walk down Bridlesmith Gate past FAT FACE , KHIEL’S , L’OCCITANE and FRED PERRY and towards although out of most student’s budget, Nottingham’s own PAUL SMITH . Breathe in the perfumed air outside JO MALONE and turn right at the Middle Pavement.

If you are feeling cultural – stop by NOTTINGHAM CONTEMPORARY and enjoy a free exhibition. On you go up Weekday Cross and Fletcher Gate. You have now entered the Vintage and Alternative clothing mecca that is Hockley. Make sure to hit THE BRADERIE down Pelham Street and COW on George Street.  For another good charity shop go to INSIGHT across from Cow – it seems small but has an incredible fundus and great quality second hand items at what might be the cheapest price in Nottingham. Head down Carlton Street onto Goose Gate and to VOID and ICENINE for some alternative clothing and band merch. If you are still craving some more vintage, WILD CLOTHING on Broad Street is a must.

This is where we leave you. You can end the day enjoying a classic movie at BROADWAY CINEMA or with cocktails overlooking Nottingham at ROCKET AT SALTWATER. Good shopping to you and always keep your eyes open for the little gems that are cluttered around Nottingham – every little alley has its own treats just waiting to be explored.

Raphaela Ring


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