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Trailer Watch – Suffragette

Documenting one of the most poignant periods of British history, Suffragette, directed by Sarah Gavron, follows the story of the radical Women’s Suffrage Movement, and the trials and tribulations they faced in order to gain the vote, attempt to create change, and become equal to men. The film, directed and written by English women to tell the story of English women, is one that cannot help but be appropriate even in today’s context, reminding the public of the inequalities in society only a hundred years ago. A mix of action, period drama, thriller, and docu-drama, the trailer shows flashes of surprisingly violent scenes between the protesters and police – demonstrating the stark reality of the opposition to change.

This sensitive subject appears in the trailer, to be handled with true emotion by experienced actresses Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Meryl Streep (as the Suffragette’s leader, Emmeline Pankhurst.) Ben Whishaw, better known as James Bond’s Q, also appears as the husband of Mulligan’s character, whilst Brendan Gleeson stars as a police inspector intent on suppressing the violence of the women, and restoring order to England.

Ending with these moving words: “We’re in every home, we’re half the human race, you can’t stop us all. We will win,” Suffragette and its star cast look set to be a box office hit and a moving drama at the same time.

Audiences will see for themselves next month, when the film hits UK cinemas on 16th October.

Amy Wilcockson

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