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Trailer Watch – Dad’s Army

Last week saw an influx of Back to the Future nostalgia and Star Wars hype. So it would be easy to have missed this great little trailer from Universal Pictures.

“Don’t Panic!”

Yes the second Dad’s Army trailer has been released!

Based on the 70’s TV show of the same name, Dad’s Army follows a highly unconventional platoon of army reserves, based in sleepy Walmington-on-Sea during the Second World War.

Just like the BBC original, this latest feature film seems to boast the same slap stick comedy, charming idiocy, and undeniable Britishness that the show is loved for. The only thing lacking here is the original cast.

“You stupid boy!”

The casting directors have done a tremendous job with selecting their replacements, with each actor mimicking their respected character just enough, without becoming a parody. The strongest of which appears to be Toby Jones’ Captain Mainwaring, appearing to have some unexpectedly strong chemistry with Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is of course adding that necessary touch of Hollywood glamour!

This is certainly one to keep on the radar for its 5th Feburary 2016 release date.

Glenn Tanner

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