Christmas Food Stalls at Nottingham


With the winter nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping there is a huge temptation to remain in the warm comforts of our homes. It’s the time of year where we need reasons, other than last minute Christmas shopping, or Christmas parties to leave the house. So I’ve come up with the best reason of all to leave the house…

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland!

Continuing throughout the Christmas period and into the New Year Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland offers a wide range of activities, gift buying opportunities and exciting places to socialise with friends. Whether it be ice skating in the Old Market Square that takes your fancy, riding on the carousel ride, sipping on a glass of mulled whilst eating a warm minced pie, or simply looking at the arts and crafts stalls, you are destined to find something you love, and be back not once, twice but several times!

Below is a link to the official Nottingham Winter Wonderland website:

Mae Renshaw

Image via Flickr by Miia Sample

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