5 Favourite Date Locations for Valentine’s Weekend

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the promise of a romantic date with the other half is a chance not to be missed! From literary locations to historic landmarks,  Impact Arts have picked our top five arts-related, go-to places in order for you to have an unforgettable Valentine’s weekend. 

  1. The Collection – Lincoln

Lincoln is a lovely day trip from Nottingham, and an easy journey, due to the direct train service. You’ve probably done the standard trip to Nottingham town centre, wandered the Arboretum or strolled round Highfields Lake a gazillion times by now, so why not escape the comfort zone of Nottingham with your loved one? Rom-coms suggest the most romantic date has to be perusing the collection of an art gallery, and there’s really no better location than right next to the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral. View the art, then retreat down the cobbled streets for dinner for two. Just try to avoid that steep, sweat-inducing hill.

  1. Newstead Abbey – Ravenshead, Nottingham

If you want a steamy and literary Valentine’s date, why not visit the home of the King of Steamy Literary Love, Lord Byron himself? The beautiful grounds are perfect for young lovers to wander, and the furnishings are as elaborate as Byron’s raunchiest poems. And, ladies, show your man that you truly do ‘walk in beauty like the night’.

  1. Nottingham Castle, Nottingham City Centre

Although this may initially seem like a historical date choice, the literary associations facilitate the joining of a modern day Robin Hood to his modern day Maid Marian. The museum will provide an intellectual side to the date, and you can spend the rest of your time together wandering the grounds, safe in the romantic illusion that you’re major 14th century literary figures.

  1. Trip to the theatre

Pick a theatre, any theatre. Any (okay, most) theatrical performances perfectly facilitate a romantic occasion, and most of the Nottingham theatres are a) within a walking distance of Lenton, and b) complete with a bar for the obligatory post-show discussion and flirtation session!

  1. D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre and Birthplace Museum – Eastwood, Nottingham

Well, he was going to feature here somewhere. Be you impassioned by the chemistry between Lady Chatterley and her gamekeeper, or inspired to rectify the relationship issues exposed in the ironically named Women in Love, sparks could most certainly fly should you choose to visit the D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre. Just be sure to take your lovers, not your sons!

Isla McLachlan

Image credit: Valdiney Pimenta via Flickr

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