Impact Previews: Clustertruck Alpha Build

Remember that really awesome fight scene in The Matrix Reloaded? The one on the highway, where Neo and crew jump from vehicle to vehicle fighting for their lives? Clustertruck is that.

Clustertruck, formerly known as Highway Fight Squad, is a first person platformer puzzler, similar in style to something like Super Meat Boy in that it requires very tight, precise platforming, it’s very easy to die, and you can immediately restart.

In its formative 0.15 build (which is available for all to play for free), it exists purely as a series of levels, each one consisting of an environment filled with speeding trucks, and you the player have to reach the finish line far off in the distance. You achieve this by jumping from truck to truck; avoiding collisions, flying vehicles, and in some stages environmental obstacles. It’s as simple as that, and it is supremely satisfying. The whole alpha experience lasts only about an hour at max, but that hour hooks you hard. Clustertruck is a game with a huge amount of potential, and with this gameplay at its core it’s looking like it could be a must have.

Mark Northfield

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