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Trailer Watch – Rogue One

With The Force Awakens buzz dying down and the impending Blu-Ray release just around the corner it seemed that Star Wars’ firm grip over the film world was beginning to loosen… and then the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit.

It has been a few years since Disney announced their plans for stand alone spin off films, set in the Star Wars universe, however it is still not common knowledge. This trailer needed to show a return to the original trilogy era and a separation from the episodic instalments the world is accustomed to. How do you go about doing that? Well, you show us classic Stormtroopers, AT-ATs, old school Star Destroyers, the Death Star, the Death Star siren, Imperial Guards… and Mon Mothma! Not only is the era in which Rogue One is set, made instantly clear (between Episodes III and IV) but also its darker tone. This is a war film and, for the first time, there are no Jedi to save the day. But seriously, where was the shot of Darth Vader that fans around the world were clamouring for?

Rogue One continues to be shrouded in mystery and this teaser has only raised more questions. Who is the all white imperial officer? Who is the mysterious black cloaked figure? Akin to The Force Awakens trailers, we aren’t given very much information but rather a collection of images assembled to whet your appetite. The cogs in Disney/Lucasfilm’s marketing machine have finally begun to turn and it looks like their grip over the film world is beginning to tighten once again.

Prepare to return once more to the galaxy far, far away  on 16th December

P.S. RIP Admiral Ackbar.

Lorenzo Calder-Smith

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Images from ‘Rogue One’, Walt Disney Studios

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