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Stranger Things: Your New Favourite Creepy Eighties Supernatural Show

More evidence that the internet is taking over the world: Netflix has delivered yet another excellent, binge-worthy original series in the form of the supernatural show Stranger Things.

The series revolves around a number of unusual events that occur over the course of a few days in Hawkins, a small town in Indiana, USA. It focuses on the disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers, alongside the sudden appearance of a girl known as Eleven, who has amazing telekinetic powers. Three other boys, who discover and hide Eleven, are on a mission to find their lost friend, and things get scary for them quickly.

One of the standouts of this show is the acting performance of all the main characters, especially the children, who are very believable and natural in everything they do onscreen. Millie Bobby Brown’s performance as Eleven is brilliant, as are those of the four boys, played by Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), and Noah Schnapp (Will).


But the series isn’t just about the younger children. Stranger Things succeeds in its ability to weave multiple strands of its story together, in order to create an impending sense of threat and danger across the numerous, complex characters. What makes it work so well, and feel so honed, is the excellent writing and storytelling that has gone into it, producing a cohesive and intriguing show with just the right amount of creepiness.

The many references to 80s pop culture, and the integration of the popular role playing board game Dungeons and Dragons is further entertaining, and squarely grounds the storyline at a point in time which, although not that long ago, is surprisingly different from our own.


Stranger Things manages to incorporate the absence of the internet and other modern technologies seamlessly into the series, rather than it standing out awkwardly. This certainly gives the show as a whole a more authentic 80s feel, and works brilliantly as part of the storyline.

Putting aside the huge (and largely unnecessary) amount of strobe lighting used, most of what was on screen was very well done, and provided a fascinating new world (or two) for the viewer to explore. Without spoiling anything, the unsettling ending to the series – whilst giving closure to several parts of the story – leaves the door wide open for the now confirmed second season, and I know I for one will definitely be watching.


An interesting, creepy, and captivating series, well written, well-acted, and made to be binge-watched.

Isobel Sheene

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