Laura Bealin-Kelly has been announced as the new Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer.

The total number of people who voted for this position was 4229. Laura won after 3 rounds of voting, beating Tom Stanley by 801 votes in the final round of voting.

Speaking to Impact following her victory, Laura said that she was both “very shocked and honoured” to have won the full-time position of Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer.

Laura’s highlight of the campaign trail has been working with and receiving the help from the many friends and volunteers who helped her in her campaign. Laura wanted to especially say a massive well done and specific congratulations to her competing candidates Tom and Naomi.

“There’s an entire bottle of rosé with my name on it…”

After asking Laura how she was going to celebrate, she responded: “there’s an entire bottle of rosé with my name on it… and my sister is here to celebrate with me”, as well as celebrating with her friends.

Round 1: 

Laura Bealin- Kelly- 1734

Naomi Batley – 896

Tom Stanley- 1444

R.O.N- 155

Round 2:

Laura Bealin- Kelly- 1739

Naomi Batley -897

Tom Stanley-1452

Round 3:

Laura Bealin- Kelly- 1901

Tom Stanley- 1589

Winner: Laura Bealin Kelly with 2390 votes

AUTHOR: Paras Sehmar

Interview by Emily Harbottle

Image: Impact Images

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