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Adam Pratchett has been announced as the new Sports Officer.

Adam secured the position after one round of voting, due to the position being uncontested.

Speaking to Impact, Adam said that he “didn’t know how it would go” he said that he was just trying to campaign the best that he could and he hopes that he can prove that he was the best individual for the role.

The highlight of Adam’s campaign was the campaign night in Ocean, he said that it was “a really amazing night of campaigning, even though Crisis is supposed to be the sports night”.

“I’ve got two essays to write […] but never mind”

After being asked how he was to celebrate the win Adam said, “I’m going to Ocean! I’ve got two essays to write – one’s on Tuesday, one’s on Thursday, so that’s not great but never mind”.

Round 1:


Adam: 3583

RON: 445

Paras Sehmar

Interview by Connor Higgs

Image: Rhys Thomas for Impact Images

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