Home Run: Birmingham, England

I am a Brummie, born and bred. I am a Peaky Blinders enthusiast and I consider curry a food group. People have a lot of preconceptions about Birmingham, and unfairly so. While the debate of whether we are northerners or southerners looms on, I suggest that if you haven’t already, you come to Birmingham. You’ll see we have the best of both worlds; we are as cosmopolitan as London but less cramped, and we enjoy northerner’s prices. I have gone out on big nights out with £20 and come home with change to spare. Unlike down South, it will not cost you the deposit on a small house to have a good time.

In Birmingham, we are true believers in letting your hair down. The music venues are varied and incredible, from small, intimate shows at The Sunflower Lounge to sell-out arena tours at the 02 Academy. The nightlife in Birmingham also caters for everyone: those into house/techno go to Rainbow, those into cheese go to Pop World, those into RnB/Hip-Hop go to Pryzm, and those into Alternative got to Uprawr.

But an article on Birmingham nightlife would not be complete without mentioning Snobs; Snobs has been around for 40 years, my own father used to frequent this establishment when he was growing up, and I am more than happy to carry on the tradition. Nothing quite compares to Snobs.

Talking of things that don’t quite compare, I have yet to find a curry that beats one from Birmingham. I have even been to Brick Lane on my search for the perfect curry and while it was it sufficient, it was lacking something.

While Birmingham is particularly famous for its exemplary curries, the food scene here also caters to just about everyone. A favourite of mine is Digbeth Dining Club. Located in the creative quarter of Birmingham, Digbeth Dining Club celebrates the crème de la crème of Street Food from all over the world, including Mexican, Turkish and Italian. Digbeth is the Shoreditch of Birmingham, full of bohemian wall murals and littered with up-and-coming independent businesses.

“We have more canals than Venice, I’ll have you know!”

Many people complain that Birmingham isn’t very scenic. While I agree to a certain extent, as the architect who designed the bullring was in my humble opinion, deranged, they clearly haven’t walked along the canals on a summery day. We have more canals than Venice, I’ll have you know!

If that isn’t enough for you then just 6 miles from the city centre (or a 15-minute train journey away), we have Sutton Park, 2,400 acres of woodland, heathlands and lakes where a rich variety of wildlife roams freely. Sutton Park is the green oasis of this metropolitan city.

So, while I can’t guarantee you will like the accent, I can guarantee you a cheap night out and the best curry of your life (though I don’t recommend both at once).

Just give Birmingham a chance.

Elle Magill 

Images by Elle Magill

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