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Here’s a bunch of (very) brief recipes for any of you who saw mine and Poppy’s in season vegetable list in the print issue and may have felt somewhat confused. These are brief I grant you but they have just about enough direction to allow you to carry out these dishes. Having minimal information will force you to get to know your ingredients better, get a feel for the cooking times naturally and help you know how pungent the flavours are, then you can use these ingredients on a wider scope. Enjoy!

Steak tagliata:

Griddle cut of steak for 2 and ½ minutes to 3 minutes per side (high heat).

Allow to rest for 4 minutes.

Mix rocket and arugula leaves with modena vinaigrette.

Peel parmigiano.

Slice steak thinly and place over salad, serve with crusty bread.

Greek lamb kebab:

Cover lamb (shoulder or leg) in Greek marinade, wrap in foil, and roast at 170 degrees (150 for fan ovens) for 2 hours.

Warm a couple of pieces of pitta (or equivalent flat bread).

Slice together lettuce, cabbage, radish and wild garlic (if you can get it!) to make salad.

Mix with lamb.

Add 2 tbsp Greek dressing over the top.

Chargrilled salad:

Roast carrots, courgettes and chicory under the grill or cook on a griddle pan.

Mix with broad beans, peas, and fava beans.

Then add 1-2 tbsp modena dressing and toss.

Saag lamb:

Chop lamb into medium chunks and then briefly seer in a hot saucepan and set aside.

Fry an onion and a clove of garlic then add 200 g of spinach, add 10 ml water and wilt.

Add 15 g butter.

Re-add lamb and cook on low for 30 minutes.

Add salt, pepper, 1 tsp coriander, and 2 tsp garam masala.

Canary potatoes:

Pour minimum water into saucepan (to cover new potatoes) and heat for 10 minutes.

Add excess salt (seriously, until it struggles to dissolve).

Cook for about 3 more minutes then pour out MOST of the salty water, then evaporate the remaining water to give wrinkly salt crusted potatoes.

Crab cakes:

Bake 300 g new potatoes for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Cook the crab (here’s a link to how).

Scoop potatoes’ innards into a bowl and add coarsely chopped crab meat, season with salt and pepper.

Mix and squeeze into clumps.

Dip in egg then cover in breadcrumb and fry in oil.

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus:

Griddle the asparagus on a buttered griddle until char lines appear on the asparagus.

Take thinly sliced prosciutto and wrap the asparagus.

Place back onto the  griddle briefly.

Honey mustard chicken in chicory cups:

Butterfly the chicken breast, and marinate in olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon juice for about an hour (in the fridge).

Griddle until the meat in the middle is white and if when cut, the running juices are clear (if no juices exude, then you’ve probably overcooked your chicken. Nice one). After the meat is ready, leave it to rest for 5 minutes.

Slice chicken into thin strips, add broad beans, peas, fava beans, radish and then add honey and mustard dressing. Toss these together.

Remove an intact leaf of chicory and fill with the other salad and serve.


GO FUCKING NUTS (try using citrus and soy, that’s Asian.)

Jake Tenn

featured image by Jeremy Keith licence here


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