Vice-Chancellor and SU President issue letter to students following incidents of anti-social behaviour

Students at the University of Nottingham have received a letter today from the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir David Greenaway, and the Students’ Union’s President, Ismail Sadurdeen, reminding them to be “considerate of neighbours and the surrounding community” during post-exam celebrations.

The letter, sent via email, urges students to remember that they are “still ambassadors for our University” when they are off-campus.

The concern over inappropriate student conduct comes after the University’s Off-Campus Affairs team recently took disciplinary action in several cases of anti-social student behaviour in Lenton.

SU President, Ismail Sadurdeen, told Impact: “We are aware of an increased number of CPNW’s and CPNS being issued in the locality and feel it is appropriate to address this with [a] letter of support, advice and warning”.

“We do not want any student to face criminal charges over anti-social behaviour”

“We know from the nature of the warnings and notices being issued that overcrowded, late and loud house parties along with more generic noise and nuisance behaviour are the overwhelming contributing factors to complaints,” he added.

These complaints led the University and Students’ Union to warn students that “any anti-social behaviour reported to us or to Nottingham City Council Community Protection will be fully investigated, and subject to appropriate disciplinary action”.

“We do not want any student to face criminal charges over anti-social behaviour, with the obvious potential for long-term impact on their chosen career path,” the letter continues.

“Overcrowded, late and loud house parties […] are the overwhelming contributing factors to complaints”

Responding to a request for further comment, SU President, Ismail Sadurdeen, told Impact that the reminder was not intended to deter students from celebrating after their exams, but was part of the University and the Students’ Union’s work towards an action plan that contributes to the City Council’s response to anti-social behaviour.

Amy Greaves, a third year Astrophysics student, said: “I think the tone of the letter was slightly over-dramatic, but I understand why the university have raised these concerns”.

While Lenton is a popular housing location for University of Nottingham students living off campus, it is also home to a number of permanent residents, which include elderly people and families with young children.

Kayleigh Southall, a third-year Nursing student, said: “I think it is good for students to celebrate, but they should be mindful of other residents, and also those students who many still have placement commitments’.

SU President, Ismail Sadurdeen, also stated that “reminding students of their rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Nottingham” was a key part of the letter sent to students today.

Tamsin Parnell and Connor Higgs

Image: Sophie Ridler for Impact Images

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