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Positive Impact: Three societies to join this year

One way of enhancing the CV, meeting like-minded people and generally increasing your productivity is to become part of a society. Here, I have selected just three of the many societies that provide wonderful opportunities and environments to help you thrive during your time at university. 


The University’s oldest sports club is testament to the phrase ‘old is gold’. UoN Cycling club encompasses all the main cycling disciplines from Track and Road to Mountain and Cyclo-Cross; whilst catering for all cycling abilities from ‘what is a bike’ level beginner to ‘I’ve cycled to Edinburgh and back in a few days’ veteran. This society earns a place in my pick because socials are naturally geared around exercise, without feeling like exercise (the best combo) and can be as relaxed as a commute to the nearest cycling café.

The CC also gives the opportunity to compete at BUCS and offers trips that allow you to watch some of the best tours in the world and even ride sportive events on the famous routes in Europe. Membership is £35 and a bike can be rented for £30 a term, for the small sum of money the bike is yours to use, take home and maintain for the entire term. They also offer gym classes, yoga sessions and a lot more, with something on nearly every day of the week.

Yoga Society

Yoga is one activity I strongly advocate, even though I don’t practice quite as often as I’d like to. Stilling the mind is one of the best ways to unwind from university; to do this whilst socialising with a bunch of like-minded people away from the sweat of Ocean or the beers of Mooch, is sometimes just the blessing you need.

Yoga Society often does Yoga on the downs, early sessions and also forms including Pilates, Acroyoga and much more. Relaxation also has many health benefits; Yoga is particularly championed for helping productivity, focus and clarity of thought along with physical benefits including an increased flexibility and strength. Memberships are £5 and the daily (though you needn’t be there every day) classes are £3 for members, £4 otherwise.

Student Minds

Although not strictly UoN societies, as Student Minds are established in the non-profit sector of universities across the UK and are definitely worth getting involved with during your time at the University of Nottingham. Student Minds groups run a range of activities on university campuses to support student well-being, including campaigns and events to increase understanding of mental health, alongside peer support programs for those experiencing difficulties with issues including eating and low moods.

Student minds run training schemes and also have acclaimed blogs to write for about mental health, food and a lot more. Being part of this society will not only help you to help others, but also allows for a constant look into mindfulness which will see you excel in your own right.

Rhys Thomas

Feature Image from Hamza Butt, via Flickr. License here.

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