The top 5 causes of Christmas arguments

If there's one thing we can all be sure of at Christmas time, it's that there will be a few arguments along the way. Shanai Momi takes a look at the classic causes
  1. Board games

There is more to life than arguing over trivial things such as board games, but when Christmas comes around such logic disappears. Playing Monopoly will naturally end in you finding yourself accusing the banker of stealing the money – and don’t even get me started on when someone puts a hotel on Mayfair…things get ugly.

  1. Wake up time

Whether you have had an early night in preparation for a full day of festivities or you wake up with a mild wine hangover from your Christmas Eve get together, the never-ending debate of when to wake up on Christmas Day remains. Getting old means desperately wanting to wake up past 10am but when your younger siblings still think jumping on you at 6am is fun, you might as well forget that lie in.

  1. Choice of Christmas film

How can Mum not understand that Die Hard is clearly the best Christmas film? Yet the kids want to watch Snow Paws for the one hundredth time this season, so of course let’s all sit down and pretend to enjoy it (again).

  1. Old family feuds

The worst cause of arguments over the festive period is won by the age-old case of family feuds. Unfortunately, I’m not referring to the game show but am instead referring to the tension between Dad and Uncle Rob that neither can seem to let go for five minutes. Allow the eye rolls and muttered sighs to begin. Ah, family joy.


  1. Unwanted gifts

Having mastered feigning a delightful smile at an unwanted gift several years ago now, friends and family can present me with anything and I can guarantee I will pretend to like it. My younger sister, however, is still working on this skill as every year we can still see the disappointment that she hasn’t received a puppy for the eighth year in a row!

Shanai Momi

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