Top 5 Games Not to Play at Christmas

For a festive Five Things, Shanai looks at which games you should avoid over the holidays...

1. Monopoly

Just a word of warning that if you are ready for a host of family arguments and maybe even a few tears, then be my guest and bring out the Monopoly. If you do decide to brave this tension-causing game, then keep an eye on that pesky banker, as I can guarantee that they are a serial Monopoly cheater.

2. Scrabble

After a morning of chaos and fun (along with some wine and spirits) the mind-spinning game that is Scrabble may not be the best idea. When the Queen’s speech has just been aired and you are already slurring your words from a little too much sherry, you might not be equipped to make many words…

3. Poker

You have already spent… how much on those Christmas presents for the kids? And Dad’s jumper wasn’t exactly cheap. Even the electricity bill has skyrocketed after putting up those fairy lights. You can’t really afford to be gambling any more money away, so it’s best to put the poker chips away for now.

4. Battleshots

Our favourite childhood game battleship with a student twist: use shot glasses in place of ships, and drink when they get hit. Maybe we should save this one for when we get back after the holidays. Now probably is not the time to get absolutely smashed in front of grandma.

5. Charades

Whilst charades is incredibly fun and brings lots of laughter, it can also bring some family spats, especially if you have siblings or cousins who are overly competitive. Things easily escalate into shouting when someone doesn’t guess correctly, and some tears may even ensue. Let’s not even get into the inappropriate gestures the younger ones try in front of the parents!

Shanai Momi

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