Happening on Campus


Despite the weather setbacks, candidates are bringing sunshine onto campus with bright smiles and energy. 

Entering the beginning of a very busy week for the Students’ Union Elections, candidates and their teams could be found dotted around campus, campaigning and interacting with students to get their vote.

With not many students on campus, the real campaigning seems to be happening online across the different social media platforms.

However, candidates could still be found walking around campus, and the first candidate spotted by Impact was Lois O’Toole, who is running for Sports.

When asked how she felt her campaign was going so far, she said: “With the strikes and the snow you can’t really talk to too many people, but I think it’s going well”.

When asked if she was at Ocean, she said: “We were the last ones standing at Ocean which was fun, and we plan to go to Crisis on Wednesday.”

Outside Hallward Library was Mike Flanagan and his campaigning team.

Mike, who is running for Activities Officer, stated that “the game this year has completely changed from a personal campaign to more of a social media campaign.”

When asked about how the social media side of his campaign was going, he said that “it is a huge competition based on how many likes you can get on your page.”

In terms of battling the lack of interaction with students on this campaign, Mike stays optimistic, “I went to Ocean and I’ll be at Pryzm tonight campaigning and getting loads of pictures”

Marvel Kalu  

Images courtesy of Impact Images.

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