During the fourth day of campaigning, Impact headed over to Jubilee Campus at around 11am to look for campaigners. 

First candidate Impact talked to was Rox Steven Junzhi, who is running for the position of International Officer. Rox said that he has centralised his campaign at Jubilee Campus as he reckons he will find more international students there.

Like many other candidates, Rox has also concentrated a big part of his campaigning online, but he also makes sure that he has that face-to-face communication as well.

Talking about his campaigning video, Rox said: “From the people that I have met, they all seem to like my video.”

Tonight Rox is planning on heading over to the Sutton Bonington campus in order to reach out to the international students there.

Despite not finding any other candidates in the fairly empty Jubilee, one could still see that faces and slogans of campaigners posted all over the pinboards.

With not a lot of campaigning happening in Jubilee, Impact returned to University Park to find Grace Lawrence, who running for Equal Opportunities and Welfare, preparing a lemonade stand in front of Portland Building.

Grace and her team of campaigners have really enjoyed the campaigning and have been spreading the word by offering students lemon drops and lemonade.

Yesterday her campaign team were at Jubilee campus, and like Rox, they too will be at Sutton Bonington campus later on today.

Grace has also been very active on social media, especially when the weather was bad last week. However, she goes on to say that the weather did not stop her or her team from campaigning on campus.

When asked about her plans for the next few days of campaigning, Grace said that she will be “blessing the community with lemonade and free sherbet lemons”.

Elisa Nevalainen

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