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Paloma Faith @ Motorpoint Arena

Paloma Faith took to the stage at Nottingham Motorpoint arena to perform her new album ‘The Architect’. This album and tour was highly anticipated since she has not released an album for more than three years after giving birth to her first child. The British songstress didn’t disappoint with her strong vocals and quirky personality shining through, she gave us warmth and fun on the snowy Saturday night.

She was supported by British singer songwriter Xamvolo who gave us a very chilled and relaxed set. He performed his new single ‘Lose love’ which displayed the beautiful tone to his voice. I must point out his cover of the well-known song ‘Crazy’ by Knarles Barkley. The tempo was slowed right down and given a bluesy feel to it. I enjoyed his vocals however felt his style may have been better suited to a more intimate venue like a jazz bar.

Paloma Faith entered the stage shortly after, in a bright fluorescent jumpsuit to match her bright personality. This outfit contrasted with the silver and grey futuristic looking set behind her. It was tiered with her band and singers on various levels (all dressed in silver suits) and gave a great platform throughout alongside the LED light up staircase along the side.

“Showed a personal connection with the audience”

Her opening number was the title track to her new album’ The Architect’ which gave show to her powerful vocals that the audience were to expect throughout the night. She followed with a few more songs from her new album then gave us insight into what the album was about. Her talk on motherhood and personal experience with her body showed a personal connection with the audience which was then heightened as she spotted some fans who had been to the previous gig.

After talking of self-love and acceptance she sang ‘My Body’ (also off the new album) and the atmosphere was full of people who were enjoying not only the vocals but the special touches that she added. The atmosphere was happy but chilled yet the quick contrast to an older hit ‘Just can’t rely on you’ got everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along.

After this she displayed some stripped back vocals in ‘Just be’ which was poignant as a pin drop could be heard, it was a breathtaking performance showing the versatility in her voice and music. I particularly liked how she integrated songs old and new throughout to make it accessible to fans both long standing and new.

Her support act Xamvolo returned to perform a duet ‘Take it all’ which added another dimension to the performance and think he delivered a more captivating performance once he had returned and his voice contrasted well against hers.

“She spoke of her worry of world war three”

Faith again stopped to talk to the audience about her thoughts and fears which was a nice touch. Her fears were of the tragic events happening around us and she spoke of her worry of world war three which was then followed by a song of the same name. ‘WW3’ had more of a rock undertone and included a bass solo but again showed the versatility of her as an artist.

As the end of the concert drew near, she sang her new single ‘Lullaby’ followed by her popular chart hit ‘Everything is changing’ which both have more of a pop/ dance genre vibe for them which was a great way to get the audience back on their feet.

Stereotypically she left and came back in, but this is expected at most concerts. She came back and performed her older song ‘Picking up the pieces’ as she ran through the audience which added lots of excitement, especially for those lucky fans who got to get up close and personal with the star!

Emotion was elevated with her performance of ‘Only love can hurt like this’ but this was a reminder of her ballad style songs she often wrote contrasting to the newer pop singles. To finish once and for all, she spoke of finding the person who accepts your flaws and sang a song off her new album called ‘Love me as I am’. I was surprised by this choice as it is a slower tempo and lesser known so thought something like ‘Everything is changing’ would have been more fitting.

“We left feeling self-love and love for others”

That being said, the uplifting lyrics and loving sentiment that came through from ‘Love me as I am’ was touching to listen to. Paloma faith left the stage signing and hugging her band and the audience did too. After having lifted our spirits, we left feeling self-love and love for others along with sheer joy for the performance we had been delivered. She gave quality vocals and a great night of entertainment without the need for any gimmicks.

After seeing Faith perform in a smaller venue I wondered how she would pull off a venue like the arena, but she did it with sheer talent and stage presence that left me feeling on a high and want to dance and sing and tell a friend they’re beautiful. An excellent evening and I can’t wait until her next tour!


Megan Bowie

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