Style Icon: Young Donna in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

After watching Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again I think it is safe to say nearly the entire population either wanted to date, or be, Lily James (who plays young Donna).

“Donna’s style is much more than just a timepiece”

Something I find particularly interesting about Donna is how well both her personality and way of life is portrayed through her style. Of course, the film was set in the 1970’s in Greece, so a lot of what Michele Clapton, costume designer, chose for Donna was reflected by the era and country. However, Donna’s style is much more than just a timepiece.

Her carefree attitude is reflected in the flowy dresses, tops and skirts as well as the butterfly necklace she wears throughout, symbolising her freedom, independence as well as beautiful fragility when she falls pregnant at the end. Each item of Donna’s clothing, Clapton reveals, is practical.

“each outfit was made so she looked in control”

Clapton did not want her to look too girly or vulnerable, so each outfit was made so she looked in control. Especially so by putting her in boots in every scene, a practical and sturdy shoe; putting her in control. The story recalls a young girl who sleeps with three men and becomes pregnant, not knowing which man the father is.

This story could easily have been depicted with Donna as a victim, but Clapton clearly demonstrates, principally through Donna’s bohemian, free-spirited style that she is no victim, but instead, a modern woman: strong, independent and in control of her life. An inspiration to us all!

Emma-Jane Walker

Featured image and article images courtesy of Legendary Entertainment and Universal via IMDb.

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