Tips for Interrailling 

Megan talks us through her top tips for interrailing.

I went interrailing with two of my friends for six weeks in March last year. I had the most amazing time and would strongly recommend it. Here are some top tips to get the best out of your experience.

    • Research before choosing your destination – how much is there to do there, and are there any events on at the time you’re planning to visit. This can affect accommodation availability and prices.
    • Another research tip – check the trains and your ticket. Some countries and their train systems require you to book your seat and pay an extra fee instead of just hopping on and using the train.
    • Try the national food in each country. Sweet treats like chimney cakes in Budapest, macaroons in Paris and gelato in Rome were my highlight. For the savoury lovers try sauerkraut and steak in Warsaw, currywurst in Berlin and the best pizza and pasta in the world in Sorrento (Italy, I love you forever).
    • Travel light!!! It’s hard to get the whole of every H&M that you pass into the small overhead compartment on the train. Also, your accommodation might be far away from the train station and it can be difficult to carry a bag that far. Sorry fashion lovers, but rewearing outfits is an essential.

“Don’t get mad drunk before early and long journeys”

  • Take lots of pictures. However, don’t overdo it. Pictures are great to look back on and show your family and friends, but be sure to enjoy the moment and take in the scenery not just from behind a lens.
  • Try a bar crawl. These are a great way to make friends and have fun seeing some of the better bars. When you only have short periods of time in each city, you don’t want to be spend lots of time trying to find a good bar, especially if you’re visiting during the week.
  • Try walking tours. You get to see the city on foot and take in all of its beauty and they’re normally free! (Although it is nice to tip, they’re usually students – we know the struggle).
  • Have patience. I travelled with my bestie who I have known since I was four, and I love her lots. However, when you’re with someone 24/7 you can get under each other’s feet and start to become irritated. So stay calm, take five minutes and have a breather then continue. This is a trip of a lifetime.
  • Look at travel alternatives. Sometimes trains might not run on certain days to where you want to go. However, don’t be disheartened! Buses and coaches are a very popular method of travel in most parts of Europe, and can be really cheap yet more reliable than the Megabus.
  • Don’t get mad drunk before early and long journeys (or a 7 hour coach from Prague to Krakow). It will be long, bumpy and miserable and 100% worse than having a 9am after Crisis.

Just remember to have fun, experience everything you can and don’t forget your ticket!

Megan Bowie 

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