Creative Corner: Winter Poem

Esme gets us into the holiday spirit with this mesmerising and festive poem...

Frost-crisped grass, a glittering field

Of upturned blades, and the distant

Muffled swell of a choir singing.


Windows fogged with steam and

Lights blurred behind, flashing,

Pulsing, twinkling against the eye.


A brisk wind to chap the lips,

Noses red, feet stamping, hands

Thumping, scarfs wrapped tight.


Nights draw in but lights grow

Warmer, brighter. Chasing away

The coal bite, welcoming winter.


A song and a dance to while away

The longest, darkest hours. Hot

Spiced drinks to toast the soul.


White mornings with softly hissing

Snow, falling, falling, coating the

Earth, crunching underfoot and sled.


Esme Johnson


Article image courtesy of Marlis Börger via Flickr, image found here.

Image use licence here.

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